Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Count Goes On

by Devora Gila Berkowitz

Yesod of Chesed 
(Connection in Lovingkindness)

Do you notice when your giving is truly received? It's when you feel connected to the other.

In pure, unconditional giving, we create and deepen our relationships.

Let's ask God to bless our giving, that it should unite us together more deeply.

Malchut of Chesed
(Self-Mastery in Lovingkindess)

Let's ask God to help us give from a place of dignity while honoring the dignity of another.

Chesed of Gevurah
(Lovingkindness in Restraint)

The ability to hold back when appropriate is a strength. Of course, restraint in excess is an imbalance.
When you express restraint in yourself, or require it from others, do you communicate lovingkindness or harshness?

Let's ask God to color our restraint with a warm glow of love.

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