Thursday, April 26, 2012

Being in Balance

by Devora Gila Berkowitz

Hod of Tiferet
(Thankfulness in Balance)

Once you've achieved a sense of balance, don't forget Who allowed you to do it!

Let's ask God to remind us to be thankful for His continual blessings -- including the blessing of personal growth.

Yesod of Tiferet
(Connection in Balance)

When you're feeling inner equilibrium, it's like shining from your heart.

The best way to express that sensation is to share it with others, such as your family and your community.

Let that sense of balance permeate your home, workplace, and any other location you choose to elevate.

Let this feeling allow you to bond with healthy people and environments, and to raise up those who need more light.

Let's ask God to help us shine our inner light to reveal connection in the world.

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