Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Make a Commitment

by Devora Gila Berkowitz

Netzach of Yesod
(Endurance in Connection)
relationships. sustantivo. rapports. beziehungen.  रिश्तों. sambönd.  σχέσεις. caidrimh. relacje. relações. отношения. relaciones. relationer . 관계. relazioni. hubungan. relaţii. 関係. verhoudings. relaties. 关系. vztahy. relasyon. attiecības. ilişkiler. відноAre you willing to take on your relationships
for the long haul?

Can you overlook another's faults,
weakness, or disobedience for today,
in order to continue to bond with them a month from now?

Let's ask God to help us make a commitment to the ones we love.

Even those times they let us down.

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