Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to Connect with G-d in Just 3 Easy Steps

by Devora Gila Berkowitz

Parshat Vayishlach

Yaakov's got no time to waste.

His brother is after him -- big time.

What does he do? First, he divides the camp. Then he prays. Finally, he sends part of his flock as gifts to Esav (Bereshit, 32:8-19)

Each of these steps has great significance in Yaakov's relationship with G-d. 

First, dividing the camp is his way of accepting the situation that G-d has sent him. (Just praying for salvation leaves out this important step.)

Next, praying connects Yaakov to G-d, allowing Him to give and Yaakov to receive.

Last, he thanks G-d for His protection. Giving up some of his possessions is a way of showing gratitude for the help that G-d will give him.

Try these steps the next time you find yourself in a tough situation.1) Acceptance. 2) Prayer. 3) Thankfulness. Let us know how it goes by commenting on this blog.

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  1. Devora: Shame on me for not commenting on your beautiful, thought-provoking blog earlier. I receive your updates in my email inbox and somehow, despite being moved or inspired by something you wrote, I was too lazy to take the extra step to come here and comment. Thank you for inviting me to do so in your last post. It was just the invitation I needed. :)

    Lucky for me, my friend Shira passed your blog on to me a few weeks ago. It's just the kind of insight into Jewish teachings I'm in need of right now, as only recently has my heart opened up to the idea that Judaism might have something to offer me spiritually. I'm thankful for you and other teachers in my life who have made Judaism accessible to me.

    Keep it up. We're out here listening, and thinking, and pondering...even if only once in a while taking that moment to let you know.

    With love,